How to Live Life Easily, Freely and Almost Free

How many times have you heard the phrase, “hard work pays off?” Why does that phrase away place an image in my head that shows me a slave bending over backwards under the hot blistering Sun picking those fluffy white balls that always seem to prick one’s fingers when picked? Why is that we never hear “work easy?” CEOs do it all the time; in fact just about everyone who’s “at the top” in any business organization will almost always more than likely work a lot less than those hard working lower paying individuals known as employees.

When I was in the Air Force there was always one reoccurring phrase that never ceased to gracefully dance through my ears via the mouths of my coworkers/fellow airmen: “work smarter, not harder.” That stuck with me. Why work hard? Does that only equals a tough and complex life? It sounds like it does to me. I’d rather live life taking the easy road. Who said the easy road equals robbing banks, selling illegal drugs on the streets, and taking from others? Every day it become more apparent to me that there are just too many people who are brainwashed into thinking that being a slave or “working hard” is the “right” thing to do and the only way to life.

There are a few things one can do to pursue a life of daisies and roses instead doing the “right” thing (working hard).

Do you prefer to work on a job, pay bills, wish that you could afford school, wish that you can go shopping, and kiss your manager’s gluteus Maximus just so do don’t lose your job and end up homeless? I’m going to make a safe education bet (guess) that your response is a solid, “hell no.”

How does receiving enough money, albeit on borrowing terms (loans) or free in the form of grants, to pay for school and pay for rent and other bills for the next 7 months or more and working part-time only for the purpose of have extra spending money sound to you? I’ve been doing just that for the past two and a half years! All I can say is life is but a dream.

If you are 18 years of age or older and are not earning a high income (probably earning more than $1500 every two weeks), are not convicted of trafficking drugs, and are a U.S. citizen you can do just that. Well PROBABLY. I say probably because you must be considered an independent (24 years of age or older, married, U.S. veteran, or able to prove that you provide more than 50% of your living costs); when one is classified as an independent student said person can get about $3000 more EVERY SEMESTER than a dependent student. Still any money is better than none at all. Don’t be afraid of student loans and grants; they are your best friends.

Another option is unemployment benefits. If you have a job and have been working there for at least a year then try to get fired! That’s right get fired; you will be able to live so nicely for a year or more without having to sweat bullets on anyone else’s job. WARNING: do not quit and do not get fired for a reason that relates to violence, unacceptable behavior at the place of employment, or drugs. Get fired for consistently showing up late, moving slow on the job, not having motivation, always being “a real drag” or other similar instances that your job can not and/or will not have any desire to fight your unemployment benefits.

I got fired from a nursing home in April of 2012, I started receiving unemployment pay about 3 weeks later and my money did not stop rolling in until July of 2013. Meanwhile, in August of 2012 and February of 2013 I received over $5000 in student loans and grants AFTER my tuition was paid. By the way I turned 22 years old in June of 2012. So I was (and still am – kind of) young as hell and living better or “easier” than most people.

At the same time I received $189 a month (and still do in 2015) in food stamps since I had no earned income. We need to remember this: the U.S. government uses us and squeezes the life out of the everyday American people to the fullest extent so we need to use the government to get back every last cent that is taken from us. Besides algebra has always taught me to balance the equation in or to solve “problems” in life.

I know that there will be the goody-two-shoes who completely disagree with my philosophy on life and feel that working “hard” (clocking in on some rich CEO’s company to make said person even richer while only earning no more than $10 per hour for constant slave work and dealing with a narcissistic boss) is what we all should do. Please do not allow yourself to think like those brainwashed robots. Those people are needed to keep the system in place and running so that there is ample room for the few of us proudly enlightened individuals to escape the “right” road to institutionalized modern day slavery.

If you decide to take my advice and pursue a higher education make sure that you actually learn the material that’s taught in class so you can become an expert. Why? SELF-EMPLOYMENT! Tutors are always in demand (by regular everyday people-mostly students) and often work for themselves. I am currently in the process of reviewing everything I’ve learned from trigonometry, chemistry and biology so that I can start my own online tutoring website venture (business) and charge a fee for my tutorials, videos, slideshows, etc. and not have to worry about every having to work on anyone else’s job ever again. Being my own boss sounds very enticing and intriguing.

There are many other ways in which one can live life on the easy road and not have to struggle just to make ends meet as life is designed here USA for its citizens. However I’m here to write an article –not a book. Therefore, I must bring this article to an end. I want to do that by providing my audience with some food for thought. Why not go to school for eight years (four years undergraduate then another four for graduate school) and then move out of the country? You will have a PhD degree, a new identity, and new life and no loans (or anything else) to pay back.

Yes, I’m about that easy (and smart) life, are you my friend

(Taylor, 2015)?


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